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Profitable Growth With A Distributed Workforce

Strategize. Organize. Globalize.


More and more companies are building out a Distributed Workforce. This means having a workforce that is agnostic from geography.

This frees companies up from over-competitive talent markets with a perpetual cycle of poaching one another's employees and thereby driving up skyrocketing compensation packages even more. Expect payroll savings of 50-60%.

Plus, not having to maintain office space for each employee saves additional money. Depending on commercial real estate prices in your area, further savings of $10-15k per team member per year are possible.


EMPLIS's business model completely breaks the mold that traditional Staffing & Search firms are based on. We are from the ground up a Digital Enterprise and we are powered by our own Distributed Workforce. 

Our mission is to help small and midsize businesses build a Distributed Workforce of their own, even if it consists of only one team member at first. In doing so, we help businesses run lean and agile. Payroll cost savings of 50-60% are realistic, as are additional office space savings.

Please reach out to discuss further.


A-Players only!

  • Recruiting

  • Direct and contract placement

  • Executive search

  • Staffing

  • Consulting

  • Local, offshore, near-shore

  • Managed services

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